A Table for One

Yesterday was my 39th birthday. If you knew me in real life, you would chastise – Branwen, you told me you were 39 last year. Scout’s honor, I really am 39 this year. Due to an embarrassing miscalculation, I lived most of the previous year thinking I was older than I truly was. I only … More A Table for One

Socially Feral

After the big break-up, my first instinct was to run, very fast, very far. I actually interviewed for a number of jobs out of state. I just couldn’t bear the thought of running into the “happy couple” at the grocery store; moving back to a place that is over a hundred miles from that possibility, … More Socially Feral

No Pain, No Gain

Since the Big Blow to my ego, (read: The Douche leaving me for The Strumpet for those of you who haven’t read the “My Story” page yet) I’ve been on a quest to find things that make me feel good about me. Confidence hasn’t been on the menu for some time so I decided it … More No Pain, No Gain