Please Don’t Define Me

14 years of being told I “can’t boil water.” Becoming a pretty damn good cook in less than 6 months. ‪#‎priceless ‪#‎selfempowered

(My Facebook status from last night…)

The Douche spent a number of years as a professional chef. Despite any shortcomings as a husband, he was a marvel in the kitchen, if a bit of a diva. Aside from being able to bake a mean loaf of bread, he happily would tell anyone who would listen that I, on the other hand, was a culinary disaster. Rather than let me cook on days where his schedule didn’t allow, he always suggested pizza or Chinese take-out rather than suffer my gastronomic ineptitude.

It’s been just shy of six months since the Big Split, and no, I’m not surviving on unpalatable frozen pizza. Last night as I sat down to my lemon garlic chicken (henceforth called Chicken Enlightenment, recipe to follow), I couldn’t resist congratulating myself. While I don’t have a passion that will lead me in pursuit of a career as a celebrity chef, I’ve become rather competent with a knife and sauté pan.

Pride in a new skill aside, it made me realize something uncomfortable. I let The Douche tell me what I could do. He said I couldn’t cook and so believed I was hopeless, innately inept. That’s tantamount to letting someone tell you who you are and that riles me up. No one but ME is qualified to define me. NO. ONE. Roar.



Chicken Enlightenment

*I’m not a recipe follower, sorry for the lack of measurements… I’m an Aquarius, we just wing it!

Slice boneless, skinless chicken breast into bite size pieces. Chop a bunch of vegetables. (I know, I know, remarkably specific.) I used equal amounts of broccoli and asparagus, but you could add summer squash, sweet peppers, cauliflower, or whatever tickles you.

Slice one medium onion and fresh garlic. I use a whole garlic head, per serving, but I really like roasted garlic.

Combine ingredients in a bowl, coating with high quality olive oil. Season to taste – I use salt, pepper, granulated garlic, celery seed, onion powder and a smidge of Italian blend.

Spread on a baking sheet and cook in a 375F oven until meat is cooked through.

(Here’s where baked chicken & vegetables become Enlightened.)
Spritz with fresh lemon juice before serving. Don’t skip this – it makes it extraordinary!

Nom happily.

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