Audacity. Insolence. Gall. Shameless. Profligate.

No, I’m not auditioning as a thesaurus. I’m simply trying to resolve the narcissistic irony of the Douche’s latest frippery. And no, it wasn’t intentional raillery on his behalf, but if the pantyhose fit – Pull. Them. Up.

Apparently he made a public statement about true love and loyalty, claiming he would never abandon them. He speaks conveniently of adoration and devotion, when it suits his purposes.  He also handily overlooks that his track record is less than stellar.

(If you could see my eyes rolling back in my head, you might wonder if I were having an episode of some sort just about now.)

Perhaps he’s forgotten what integrity looks like. Love and loyalty don’t mimic deceit, adultery, manipulation, or emotional abuse. Fidelity is not congruous with the desertion of certain vows.

It’s totally swell that he thinks he’s finally found “true” love. I’m sorry it took him 14 years to realize it wasn’t with me. I simply wish he would keep from flaunting an absolute deficiency of class.


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