I had absolutely no plans for the holiday weekend. I’m on a stringent budget at the moment, saving my pennies for travelling to Europe in August. I figured I’d run, read, tie up some loose ends, and essentially lounge around home for the weekend.

Then the phone rang Thursday afternoon.

Him: We’re leaving the city and will be arriving to collect you around midnight.
Me: What?

Bottom line, the Pretty Blue Eyed Irish Boy and a couple mutual friends abducted me for the weekend for lakeside shenanigans. Apparently some Wall Street big-wig that they know through work decided last minute instead of coming to the lake he was headed to Aspen instead. (Oh, the choices!) So he let the City Mice have his cottage on the lake, free of charge, for the weekend. The house was set up and stocked and he didn’t want to see it wasted… You kids have fun.

Goodness, how the other half lives… the “cottage on the lake” was a gated mansion, complete with 24 hour security, fully stocked kitchen and bar. At 7PM on Friday and Saturday, the personal chef showed up to cook dinner for us. He also prepped our lunches and breakfasts, which I was happy to cook, as my “contribution” to the weekend.

The Cottage was absurdly lavish. There were 10 exquisite bedrooms, 6 opulent baths (if you included the one in the boathouse). Friday morning I rolled out of an outrageous four poster complete with silk sheets and an army of down pillows, to flop directly into the hot tub, three steps away on a private, attached deck. Saturday we ate filet, drank champagne, all courtesy of Mr. Wall Street, while we watched the fireworks from a screened porch. (Well, BEIB had fungus, because he’s a vegetarian. I know, even Pretty Blue Eyed Irish Boys can have flaws! LOL)

We kayaked, swam, drank beers in two hot tubs, and made total fools of ourselves on a tandem bicycle.

The best part of the weekend was the idea of “Phone Jail.” When we arrived, there was a large basket in the foyer with a little laminated sign suggesting that devices be incarcerated for the weekend. We each checked for emergency messages once a day. In a day and age where technology forces instant communication, we happily put it aside and simply enjoyed the weekend. Together & without distraction. Awesome.

All in it was a glorious weekend, pretending we were filthy rich and goofing off. My friends are the absolute best.

Life. Is. Good.

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