A Sovereign Nation of One

Finally legal and official! While I have yet to see the papers with my own eyes, my lawyer assures me that I am indeed legitimately and inarguably Divorced. It’s a bittersweet moment, but certainly a titanic relief to have things resolved legally. The emotional closure may take far longer, in fact it’s probable that the scars will ever linger. A crumpled sheet of paper can never be pristine again, no matter how hard you try to smooth it…

However, scars in my mind are proof of survival, and while there’s still a long row to hoe, I’m happier than I’ve been in a frighteningly long time.

Tonight I’m breaking open the last bottle of wine from my wedding; it seems apropos for it to end as it began. Ironically, it’s a white, where these days I almost exclusively drink reds. Back in the day I loved whites, now I’m not so fond of them. There’s a parallel in there that probably does not need spelling out…

If you care to, raise a glass tonight with me in mind as I mourn the past for just a moment and then set it aside to celebrate the future!


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