Country Bears v. City Bears

Last night was my last music rehearsal before the Great Adventure begins. (For those just joining the party, I’ll be singing in central Europe for the first 2 weeks of August.) For the past month and a half we’ve been rehearsing as a small group, so that we represent New England admirably. We’ll be joining musicians from all over the US, Canada, Austria, Poland, Taiwan, Ghana, and Hungary!

Anywho. The running joke is that if we rehearse, it’s inevitable that there’s an intense, frenetic thunder storm and last night was no exception. Two weeks ago we actually sang in the dark, because the venue lost power!

Driving home last night it was pitch black with torrential, sheeting rain. Then out of nowhere the lightening would transform a sliver of time into brilliant daylight. A few miles from home, the road turns country-twisty. I had my brights on, but they seemed more like flickering candles, barely penetrating the inky roadway. Suddenly a flash of lightening and barely ten feet in front of me a monstrous black bear manifested in the middle of the road. Yes, manifested. Certifiably not there, then abruptly there. I swear!

The happy ending is that my brakes work exceptionally well and the bear gave me a single contemptuous glance before casually lumbering into the woods. I continued the few miles home with a pounding heart and lingering adrenaline rush.

Fast forward a couple hours – the Blue-Eyed Irish Boy jingled, as he stepped off a plane in Germany. It’s a six hour difference, 2AM my time, 8AM in Deutschland. We’re not going to get a chance to talk much over the next three weeks, so we lingered on the phone, chatting while he was waiting for his luggage. I shared with him my close encounter of the Ursus-kind.

Me:<tongue in cheek>  I love the country, but the wildlife can be so entitled!
Him: <very seriously> Come to The City. The only Bears we have are fuzzy gay men.

And the poor woman standing next to him choked on her coffee. I guess she speaks English.

And that, my fine friends, is living proof that people do listen to your phone conversations… I hope she didn’t burn herself.


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