Home Again, Home Again…

“Hmmm. No Brie & rolls & fresh fruit & espresso waiting for me this morning? There’s something wrong with this establishment. Oh, wait it’s my kitchen. ‪#‎backtoreality

Yeah, I bet I’ll have to make my own bed and no one will bring fresh towels either… Although there’s something to be said for finally sleeping in my own bed again!

My trip was amazing; better than I could have ever expected. The musical experience was mind bending. Not only was the music soul wrenchingly beautiful, but the venues were epic.

Oh, yes. I sang here…
Here too…

The Austrian backdrop was breathtaking; the towns charming. The food was delightful and the wine to die for (we were in the heart of Austrian wine country.)


I certainly have stories to tell – remind me about the Hungarian man who asked me to marry him… but alas, jetlag still owns me. And of course over 2 weeks away from work has left me in paperwork hell…

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