Midnight Poetry

There is a brightness in the darkness
As I stare into the infinite night
Brilliant layers of shadow
A glorious mosaic of mystery
Surrounded by overwhelming sensation
The complex scent of rain damp earth
And the song of sex encompasses
Chirping, cooing, howling

Yes, country silence is deafening –
A stillness that trembles with unbearable fullness

Above, a single star, courageous and strong
Dares to shine through a shroud of clouds
A moment, a fleeting instant of Divine
To grasp at pure truth, a simple freedom
Becomes life’s ambition
If only for the space of a thought

I wish it were me.

NOW is the only reality
Alone, yet connected to everything
In this perilous, freeing emotion
Is it rain or tears upon my face?
It makes no difference
Be it born of pain or joy

There. Is. No. Difference.

I feel too much
Words are inadequate

I am lost. I am found. I am undone.
In the space of a single heartbeat
I too become a perfect creature of the night

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