Hot Mess, Table for One

Ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing goes your way? I’m not talking about life shattering disasters, just a string of minor annoyances that seems to be endless. I find it much easier to devote energy to a lone, serious problem. I can feel overwhelmed by minutia on the days where everything is falling apart in minuscule trickles.

Take this morning for example…

  1. Immediately upon waking, I shot myself in the face with the kitchen sink sprayer. Cold water, of course. There’s a wakeup call for you.
  2. The cute little reusable Keurig basket that enables me to use my own coffee, leapt from my hands, soared all the way across the kitchen to bounce open in the living room thus scattering soggy, day old grounds all over the carpet.
  3. Thought I was sending a text to my friend, pre-7 AM, knowing he’d be up with his toddler. Accidentally sent it to The Blue Eyed Irish Boy. Clearly woke him because his response was “szdgfer edrh?”
  4. In all the hub-bub, I never drank my coffee. It’s still at home, untouched, lonely and abandoned on the kitchen counter. For the record, I’m not a fan of the cheap-o coffee we have at work.
  5. I must have dressed in the dark. A colleague gently mentioned that perhaps wearing one’s shirt inside-out was a new mode of fashion. It is not.
  6. Mistakenly programmed the copy machine to staple together unrelated documents, and then had to start the whole process over again because they were conference handouts for one of the owners. The tell-tail vampire bites from the stapler were a huge no-no.

So here I am, endeavoring to put a positive spin on things…

  1. Ok. WIDE awake.
  2. Now I have an opportunity to really test out the proficiency of my new vacuum.
  3. The BEIB responds very promptly to texts. What a good friend.
  4. … sorry… drawing a blank on this one!
  5. At least they didn’t let me go all day like that.
  6. The boss will have a slick, professional presence due to my attention to detail.

Hey – five out of six isn’t bad, right? However, if things don’t start improving, I just might go back to bed!


Feel free to chime in!

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