Obligitory Year End Post

Gute Nacht 2014.

It’s hard to fathom that it is drawing to a close. This past year has probably been the most challenging, painful, frightening year of my adult life. It has also been the most transformative, exhilarating, spectacular and meaningful. (Welcome to the emotional rollercoaster that is my life.)

While there cannot be growing without the pains, and the “opportunity” to relearn independence and redefine self was not originally my idea, it was probably the best thing that could have happened to me.

So here are a few things I’ve learned. (Or rediscovered):

  • Music, from opera to rock-n-roll, is critical to my wellbeing. It saddens me that I amputated that piece of my soul for so long.
  • I may have a slight compulsion. If I buy one more bottle of nail enamel my bathroom cabinet might collapse in a cacophony of glass and color… oooh look! I don’t have that shade!
  • I get to decide who I am. No one else. People inescapably have opinions. That’s ok. Only mine gets to shape self.
  • A washer & dryer is an amenity I will never again take for granted. People at the laundry mat alarm me.
  • I’m pluckier and more resilient than I ever thought I could be. (Or supposed I’d ever need to be.)
  • I’m pigheadedly independent. Much of the time that works in my favor. But not always.
  • Sometimes I go to Wal*Mart to feel better about myself. *hanging my head in shame*

All in, the most profound lesson of 2014 has simply been this: I am enough. Take it as you will.

Best of luck to you all in 2015. Oh the places we will go!

Feel free to chime in!

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