Catnip for Creepy

Dear lord, where do you find them and why do you keep sending them to me?

I have a hectic weekend ahead of me. I have three choral concerts and one of them is almost 100 miles from my house. Last night, my only night this week where I didn’t have a post-work obligation, I zipped into the grocery store. I figured I’d better get a few things so I don’t perish from hunger during the five minutes I’m going to be at home over the next three days.

Minding my own business, not bothering anyone, I laid my selections on the little belt. The guy in front of me (who was about 15 years my senior) looked back at what I was purchasing, leered at me suggestively and said: That looks good – want to make it a romantic dinner for two?

Ick. No.

I’m not sure what it is about me, but in the past year I have had an inordinate amount of creepy, either much older or frighteningly younger men approach me with some sort of inappropriate commentary. They must be able to smell the divorce on me. I’m not really looking for a boyfriend; I’m not a cougar on the prowl… but honestly, just once, I’d be thrilled for a nice, normal man, my age, with a tenable grasp of social grace to flirt with me.

Feel free to chime in!

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