Publically Verklempt

If you’ve been reading along, I may have mentioned that music is a vital part of my well-being. To me, music embodies emotion.  It gives expression to things we may have difficulty articulating or even defining.  It invokes memory and impacts mood from vibrant jubilee, to heart wrenching grief, to bittersweet yearning or poignant nostalgia. I … More Publically Verklempt

Oblivious to Obvious

I’m somewhat oblivious to certain social cues, most specifically the ones where there may be any sort of romantic proclivity involved. It goes a little like this (what follows is a dramatization, not an actual conversation): Feller: So what do you think about dinner? Me: Who, me? Yes, dinner is nice. Feller: So when are … More Oblivious to Obvious

The Host Has Spoken

At the risk of repeating myself, navigating a circle of mutual friends, post-divorce, requires more than a modicum of social aptitude. It’s not fresh, we’re slowly encroaching on two years since the (public) announcement. You’d think that people would be over it. I am, and I was intimately involved in that nuclear disaster. While I … More The Host Has Spoken

Age & Beauty

So, I was at the grocery store the other day. (I have a feeling that when I start a post like this you people snicker…because apparently my local Piggly Wiggly is a mecca for weird-o’s and inappropriate commentary.) Anywho… The twelve year old behind the cash register looked at my bottle of wine. Then she … More Age & Beauty