Age & Beauty

So, I was at the grocery store the other day. (I have a feeling that when I start a post like this you people snicker…because apparently my local Piggly Wiggly is a mecca for weird-o’s and inappropriate commentary.)

Anywho… The twelve year old behind the cash register looked at my bottle of wine. Then she studied me. Then glanced back at the wine. Then squinted harder at me. Clearly she was dealing with an internal dilemma. Eventually she did ask for my ID and I had a moment where I felt like the Queen of the World. Snap! I still got it. (I rarely get carded these days.)

Then some potbellied, grizzled, snaggle-toothed 60 year old man in line hit me with a clearly disgusted “Geeze, how OLD do you have to be to not get carded these days?” Way to spoil the moment, dude.

However, bruised feelings aside, it got me thinking about the disparity between men and women. Men grow distinguished, while women are expected to aggressively combat the signs of aging at every turn. There’s a new trend for the male physique called the “Dad Bod” where biceps are out and beer bellies are in, but women who are size 10 are considered distastefully Plus Sized. (Believe me, I’d kill to be able to squeeze myself back into my size 10 jeans.)

More so, in a society that ridiculously equates physical beauty with value, when a less attractive man dates a pretty woman his peers give him the hi-five. Yet, when a plain gal steps out with a handsome feller you hear derogatory remarks like “what does he see in her” or “she must be good at <insert sexually explicit activity here>. ” Despite all the advancements and freedoms women now enjoy (read: fought tooth & nail for), it appears that sexism is still alive and well.

Feel free to chime in!

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