OMG Words!

Here’s a little shock for those of you that have forgotten that you’re following this blog. Words!

For anyone who happens to stumble upon this for the first time, let me recap the story thus far:

Chapter One: Girl gets heart crushed by narcissistic, controlling, abusive, unfaithful husband. Goes through period of serious soul searching. Makes attempts at regaining sense of self in the seclusion of a tiny cabin in the woods. Ponders the human condition. 

Chapter Two: Girl decides to take control of her own destiny. Takes adventures. Makes extraordinary friends. Loses 50 pounds. Has bizarre encounters. Hilarity ensues. 

Chapter Three: Girl makes huge life change by leaving her position of over 8 years, takes an exciting new job in a fabulous new city. Then drops out of the blogging world for over half a year.

There you go, all caught up. (Or go read the archives for more details.)

So for those who are wondering, I’m thoroughly enjoying my new life.

The job – I have never been so professionally fulfilled, felt so connected to my team, or appreciated for what I bring to the table. It’s a thrill to actually look forward to the office adventures each day. In addition, with the increased salary (and the removal of the anchor of a fiscally irresponsible spouse) I’m feeling financially secure. I was actually accused the other day of being economically privileged, but don’t get me started on that.

The city – it’s singularly spectacular. Within walking distance of my apartment there are countless restaurants, clubs, stores, and music, art & theater venues. There are beautiful parks and stunning architecture. I can stroll to the lake or to the farmers’ market when the weather is nice and there are pastoral scenes, numerous hiking trails and other outdoor activities all just minutes by car. There’s always something going on and there’s always a way to escape the goings on. It couldn’t be more ideal for the extroverted introvert!

In other news, I met a feller. It was love at first sight and he moved in that day. He’s a black lab and my life would be incomplete without him. He’s also the reason I’ve met a whole host of new people. Owning a dog is a great way to connect with other folk who also have one. It’s like a giant click, and if you have a canine companion you’re instantly “in.” And honestly, he’s pretty irresistible, if I do say so myself. Although, I think my Facebook friends might find the constant stream of puppy updates tedious. (This is a picture of puppy eating; can you believe how big he’s gotten since yesterday? Look at how cute he sleeps; OMG he just farted so loud he woke himself up… I’ll admit I’m worse than a first time mom.)


There you have it, folks. Never fear, I have had some silly adventures and weird encounters over the past 8 months. I’ve been saving them for you. Stay tuned….






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