Now For Something Different

Today I digress from the usual sarcasm and shenanigans. My apologies in advance for detouring off the road map, but (wo)man-handling my thoughts and emotions into orderly lines of text is how I cope. And this morning I’m clinging to that mechanism.

I had just dropped off Derpy Pup at doggie daycare. The sun was shining, the tunes cranked, and I was singing along, with carefree abandon headed to the office. The light ahead of me turned red and I rolled to a halt right at the little white line, like the law abiding citizen I am. Across the intersection two people ventured out onto the crosswalk. I recall hearing the chirp of the crossing signal making a strange counter point to the radio.

They say accidents happen fast. I swear this one warped time. Out of nowhere a vehicle flew through the red light from the opposite direction. That part happened in an instant. However, as I watched the car strike both pedestrians the action ground to a halt. The man took an eternity to flip up over the hood and tumble back down to a jumble of limbs on the pavement. The sound of the impact registered eons later. I never saw the woman move afterwards; just a crumpled form in a puffy pink coat.

Just like that, life changes. No warning, no by-your-leave. It’s an uncomfortable glimpse at our own mortality. We’re unbelievably fragile and our time is fleeting; there’s nothing guaranteed beyond this precise instant. Yet, so often we waste our finite moments, mired by doubt or complacency, frittered away by a truckload of insignificant minutia.

Instead, I charge you (and myself.) Eat the cake. Do all the things. Go all the places. Take risks. Let go of the fear and just love more.

Don’t let your life get lived while you’re busy doing things that add no value to the journey.

Feel free to chime in!

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