Challenge – Day Four

Ten interesting facts about yourself.

“Interesting” is so wildly subjective, but here goes.

ONE: I sing constantly – in the car, doing chores, in my office, to my dog, although never, ever in the shower. Sometimes it’s a “real” song, sometimes I make it up on the fly – stream of consciousness set to music.

TWO: I adore horror films. Not the sophomoric, vapid, hack-n-slash type, but the truly disturbing, psyche twisting, mind f*$%.

THREE: I love my dog more than most people. And yes, I let him sleep in the bed. Get over it. However, he is not a person. Idiots who forget that canine and human cognition are not synonymous end up with “problem dogs.”

FOUR: I have a tattoo. Not a tiny, Basic Girl, cliched, puff bit, but an epic, full color, detailed, custom, back piece.

FIVE: I stage reactions in my head for complicated, detailed scenarios and conversations that very rarely end up happening. It’s usually when I should be sleeping and is a huge waste of brainpower; yet my inner control freak is compelled to do it. The fact that once or twice that level of preparedness has totally saved my bacon, serves only to justify the lack of sleep.

SIX: Guiltiest pleasure – Cheetos. For gods sake they’re neon orange and probably shouldn’t be classified as food. But the salty-finger-licking-crunch seduces me.

SEVEN: Sometimes I’m a hypocrite and I catch myself thinking things that are judgmental and elitist. The shame and guilt don’t shift the gut reaction; it makes me question my fundamental merit as a person.

EIGHT: I’d rather wear a skirt in the summer than shorts. And my Birkenstock’s. I paint my toenails mostly because I think it pretty’s-up the ugly piggies. (Not that mine are particularly grotesque; I just think feet in general are weird looking.)

NINE: Sometimes I believe. Ghosts and aliens and unicorns and the Divine and all the other inexplicable phenomena. Other times I’m wholly skeptical and demand irrefutable, repeatable, scientific proof. (And no, that one time you saw a blurry, white haze in an old house is not proof.)

TEN: Dreadlocks, leeches, and people who fold page corners in books freak me out.

BONUS: I take my coffee with cream and a hint of sugar. M-F it’s medicinal. On the weekends, it’s recreational.


Feel free to chime in!

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