Challenge – Day Five

A place you would live, but have never visited.

How about here:


or here:


or even here:


Of course, these lifestyles would require a level of wealth that I currently don’t possess. Unless I win the lottery or some other equally improbable windfall comes my way, this is not even within the realm of possibility. (Although, I could easily see myself vacationing at one of these places!)

Before I moved to where I am now, I had given some serious thought to living on the road for a year – backpack, hostel surf, camp and couch crash my way around the world. Living nowhere and visiting everywhere. Some days my inner free spirit is still tempted…

Considering I moved barely eight months ago, I don’t see myself making any drastic moves anytime in the near future. New England is in my blood, but I’m not ready to say that this is or isn’t where I’m spending the rest of my life. Relocating someplace I’ve never visited doesn’t faze me. I’ve done it before, and who knows what life will bring?

Feel free to chime in!

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