Challenge – Day Nine

Your feelings on ageism.

Devaluing the elderly is absurd. The game plan is to get there ourselves one day, so if you believe in karma perhaps you should treat your elders with the respect and dignity that you wish for yourself should you be fortunate enough to live that long. Honestly, my goal is to get as old as possible; why discriminate against that. It means you’re still on the right side of the dirt.

I find the sexist aspect to ageism even more frustrating. According to society, men grow distinguished as they mature while women are viewed as less desirable. Media repeatedly shoves this down women’s throats, marketing anti-aging, anti-wrinkle miracle lotions, hair dye to cover those unsightly greys, and countless other beauty products designed to counter the inevitable signs of aging. Every magazine and commercial reminds women that we are only alluring, beautiful, valuable if we appear as youthful as possible. Millions of dollars a year are spent by women buying into this double standard, while men blithely admire the silver in their beards.

The contradiction continues on the dating scene, where ageism manifests in defining a socially acceptable age gap. Men who date significantly younger women are applauded, while women paired with younger men are ridiculed as “cougars.  This isn’t supposition; I’ve experienced this directly. The Douche was over six years my senior. No one batted an eyelash. However, when I started stepping out with The Blue Eyed Irish Boy the same people who had no issue with my older husband told me that dating a guy seven years younger was downright scandalous. While the best response is mind your own damned business, the hypocrisy is absurd.

Bottom line, Carrie Fisher said it best:


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