Challenge – Day Twelve

Two words/phrases that make you laugh.

Maybe I’m just a fuddy-duddy, but I’ve been wracking my brain and can’t come up with anything.

If you visited my living room and perused my rather extensive DVD collection, you’d notice that the “humor” section is pretty limited. It seems that so many comedy shows these days are decidedly lowbrow. The prevailing attitude is that fart jokes and kicking someone in the groin are the epitome of humor. I just don’t get that kind of buffoonery.

I tend to prefer intellectual banter, dry wit, sarcasm, and irony over the physical comedy, horseplay, and crass jocularity that is popular in America. Often that means British humor is my go to move when I’m looking for something funny to watch. (For the record, boys who tell nerdy jokes are way up there on the attractiveness scale.)


Feel free to chime in!

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