Challenge – Day Thirteen

Your commute to and from work.

Really? This was the best topic that anyone could think of for Day 13? How about are you superstitious or describe your best Halloween costume? Whoever decided commuting was a good talking point needs to get a life. (Although, making it interesting could be considered a real test to creativity.)

There was a time when I commuted almost an hour and a half, each way, to the office. That was during a period of insanity I wouldn’t care to repeat. Granted, I only agreed because it was supposed to be a small sacrifice on my part on the path to achieving The Next Big Thing. Not only did that not materialize , but it took an awful toll on me physically and emotionally. Not to mention the wear and tear on my car and a significant chunk of time sucked away each week.

The next place was only six miles from work. It actually took some getting used to – not having to get up early, or rushing around. It was also really quite a convenience to be able to zip home for lunch. On the other hand, I like to keep my personal and professional lives separate. Being in extreme proximity to both the office and my bosses’ home, the line began to blur. I began to feel vaguely uncomfortable about the whole thing and if I had remained there definitely would have had to rethink my living arrangements.

Currently my commute is about 15 minutes, mostly highway. However, I have to backtrack a little in order to take Derpy Dog to daycare. (I don’t mind – the doggie daycare is fabulous and he loves going.) Early on he was not a happy rider. He’d whine or curl up on the seat and tuck his tail over his eyes. I was a tad concerned that it was an alarming commentary on my driving skills. Now that he’s a little older, he’s starting to have an interest in watching the world slide by the window. He also recognizes where we are – he gets excited when we turn onto our street or get close to daycare.

Most of my drive is uneventful, unnoteworthy stretches of highway with nominal traffic. It’s nice because it minimizes the road rage while giving me the opportunity to jam to a few good tunes along the way. The only time I really get any excitement is right when I leave the house and head through town, passing two universities. College students think they are immortal and tend to cross the road on a whim, regardless of lights and crosswalks. It keeps a driver on her toes.

The best part of the drive is on the way home, four or five blocks from my house. As I head down a long hill I get a spectacular view of the lake. The water glitters like green crystal and on a clear day I can see all the way across to the tall peaks beyond. If I time it right, the setting sun lays down a golden ribbon of light stretching from shore to shore. It reminds me, daily, how lucky I am to live where I do!


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