Challenge – Day Fifteen

Three pet peeves. 

When I first started compiling a list I had to remind myself that pet peeves are small things that annoy you. <delete, delete, delete> This isn’t about the weighty issues that crush your soul, but the simple things that people do that make you roll your eyes. Oh right.

    • Thin, attractive people who complain that they’re so fat & ugly. This usually occurs right about the time I take a bite into a cookie. I get that our friends in the media have made every woman neurotic about appearance. However, when your jeans are single digits, and mine are double, I’d appreciate if you’d not bemoan your chubbiness in front of me. It makes me feel like a whale.


    • People who constantly post things on the internet that are so far skewed that they no longer even resemble the truth. No, your Parmesan is not really ground wood. There’s no newly discovered planet that’s about to wipe out all life on Earth. Item X does not cure cancer. Science lies. (My personal favorite.) A little fact checking goes a long way, people. We all have that friend who fills our news feeds with this tripe, day in and out. On one hand I pity their gullibility. However, after the 100th post, disdain starts creeping in.


    • People who use words incorrectly (when English is their native language). You did not literally die. You do not get to use irregardless. Ever. Bemused people are confused, not amused. You couldn’t care less. A travesty can actually be quite funny in an ironic, mocking way. This post makes you nauseated not nauseous. While we’re at it, please learn the differences between homonyms.



Feel free to chime in!

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