Challenge – Day Sixteen

Bullet your entire day.

Caveat. This was yesterday and just putting it out there – the play-by-play isn’t particularly fascinating. While the Saturday lineup is much more interesting, I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to be in any condition to be blogging tonight – I’ve a friend visiting from out of town and we’re going to paint the town purple. Yes. Purple.

  • Friday 4:58 AM. The dog wants breakfast. What I wouldn’t give to sleep in. Just once. (To be filed under: Things they don’t tell you about getting a puppy)
  • After breakfast he needs to go out. I risk it and go in my jammies. Run into Young & Beautiful with his dog. I’m a half-dressed dork, but not overly distressed about being caught in a disheveled state – his PJ’s are plaid and he has bed-beard.
  • Back to bed for a bit more snuggle time. Ironically, while Derpy is wide awake and dying of hunger by 5AM, when the alarm goes off an hour and a half later he grunts, groans & hides under his blanket.
  • Because it takes my long hair an eternity to dry, I often shower at night. This means it only takes me about 20 minutes to get ready in the morning. Toss on some clothes, brush hair & teeth, a little eyeliner & mascara and I’m out the door.
  • Then we’re off, headed to doggie daycare. Derpy loses his little puppy mind when we arrive – barking and wagging not just his tail but his entire behind. He can’t drag me inside fast enough and doesn’t really notice that I’ve left him there. Whatever mom. There are PUPPIES here to play with.
  • Commute to work.
  • Critical fuel up – large dark roast from the cafe across the street. My office spends an obscene amount of money there. Some of the guys go 3 times a day – breakfast, lunch and afternoon pick-me-up. We’re so popular there we get the lunch menu e-mailed to us daily and receive the “friends & family discount.”
  • Work morning: count beans, herd cats, put out fires. You’re probably not interested in the minutia and my NDA prevents it anyways.
  • At lunch stroll down the hill to the post office. It’s finally sunny and warm. Swing by the local market on the way back and grab a few necessities. Mostly cheese and wine. (I said necessities!)
  • Work afternoon: meetings, clients, employee review, more fire-putting-out
  • Drive to pick up Derpy Dog at daycare. He’s happy to see me, so that mitigates his complete dismissal when I dropped him off in the morning
  • Home – successfully claimed a spot in the parking lot & don’t have to park on the street. Apparently it’s my lucky day; perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket
  • Feed & take puppy for a walk, after which he immediately crashes (playing all day with 30 other doggies makes him a tired boy)
  • Shower until the hot water runs out = bliss. While I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, really long showers are something I live for.
  • Snacks, wine, cuddly puppy & movie time. In my PJ’s by 7:30PM. I know, it’s not quite a wild, off-the-hook Friday night but in my mind it’s perfect. Besides, tomorrow’s a big day – the puppy has a vet appointment, then we’re meeting the trainer for a hike, then dinner & 90’s dance party night with a girlfriend at a local nightclub. My inner introvert needs a quiet night at home to fortify for that kind of socializing…

Feel free to chime in!

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