Challenge – Day Twenty Two

Your morning routine.

Who cares? I can’t even.


They say that having an established routine is a road map to success. It provides structure and familiarity, lending a sense of ownership of your life. Routine provides direction, builds good habits, increases efficiency, and builds momentum. In addition, once the routine is set, action becomes automatic, nor longer relying on the efforts of motivation and decision making. Task B, always follows Task A, so there’s no need to waste brainpower deciding what’s next – you just do the specific list, in order.

They say that having a definitive routine makes you a better adjusted, more fulfilled person.

Who are “they” and what do they know?

I do not follow the morning list in order from A to Z. I just don’t believe that if I turn on the coffee pot before letting the dog out, or if I happen to brush my teeth first, that my day will be a horrible train wreck or my life will become inconsequential and rudderless. Most mornings I just flow organically from one thing to the next, without putting much thought into it.

Maybe it’s because I work in a place where I often have to shift gears at a moment’s notice. I usually have a loose agenda for my day and prioritize tasks by urgency. However, since I’m not married to the schedule, I don’t get agitated when I’m pulled unexpectedly in another direction. I have worked with people who if interrupted have a very difficult time getting back on track. Luckily, I change gears easily and pick up where I’ve left off without much refocusing.

Besides – I would find it quite dull doing the same exact thing day in, day out. I actually worked on a factory line as a QA tester once. I lasted one day. One. I enjoy having the opportunity to solve different problems. I want to find novel places to visit, walk untraveled trails, taste unfamiliar foods, try new adventures. It’s human nature to gather around us the familiar, for there is security in things that are known. However, I try to use that as my safety net, not the sum of my experience.

I would rather try something and decide it’s not for me, than be underwhelmed by the monotony of habit.


Feel free to chime in!

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