Challenge – Day Twenty Three

A family member you dislike. 

I’m not sure I feel comfortable singling out a family member and say nah-nah I don’t like you. Sure, every family has a pretentious aunt or eccentric cousin. We roll our eyes and put up with it in order to maintain the tribe’s peaceful equilibrium.

The truth is, I think we all sometimes forget that our family is just made up of people. All humans have individual strengths and we all struggle with weaknesses. Everyone has their own personal demons and fears. So why are we more willing to accept flaws in our non-kin relationships? Perhaps it’s because we don’t get to choose our relations – they are foisted upon us by accident of birth.

Granted, some people really have some certifiable jerks in their families.

My college roommate’s MIL is a nightmare, emotionally abusive to her husband and nasty to my friend. I have an acquaintance who hasn’t spoken to her brother in 10 years because of a fight that she cannot even remember. I know someone who’s cousin swindled them out of their life savings, causing them to lose their home. I had a 13 year old in foster care because her mom pimped her out and reinforced the mantra – “it’s better to be popular than smart.

And the Grand Poobah of familial a$$-hats: I have indeed met a man once who got his daughter’s husband rip-roaring wasted with the intention to seduce him. Jerry Spring Show comes to life.

I can say I’m pretty lucky in the family department. We sometimes annoy each other and don’t always agree. However, at the end of the day there’s respect, support, love and shared values.



Feel free to chime in!

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