Challenge – Day Twenty Five

Four weird traits you have. 

In no particular order…

*I rehearse in my head (or even sometimes aloud in the car) conversations that almost never, ever happen. Sometimes they are “with” people I’m unlikely to even meet.

*When I get dry skin on my legs, I compulsively itch it. Sometimes I will scratch until it hurts. I know when I start that I’m going to end up raw, but I can’t stop. As a child I constantly looked like I had chicken pox because I was incapable of keeping myself from scratching bug bites bloody. Then I’d pick the scabs.

*I’ve trained my dog with atypical command words. He’s learned wait for stay, not yours instead of leave/drop it, and to him hup-pup means let’s go. I didn’t mean to choose non-standard commands, it just sort of happened. Now it’s too late to change them. Before you say that isn’t a “trait,” it demonstrates that my mind doesn’t always follow the expected route.

*Sometimes I need people to tell me if I’m being weird. The thing is, it’s all status quo for me.



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