Challenge – Day Twenty Seven

What you wore today.

Does anyone else find some of these topics insipid?

I have the pleasure of working in an ultra casual office. Not just “business casual,” but jeans-and-sneakers informal. Actually, all my engineers wear mechanic shirts with their names on them. The boss wants them to look in the mirror and remember who they are designing systems for – not executives who are laying out the cash, but the real users, the guys in the field.

To fulfill the challenge – faded, black jeans, raspberry top with plaid accents. And a really comfortable pair of Mary Jane’s (because I have a standing work station.)

Since we’re on the subject of clothes, I have a complaint. Why is it that designs for the larger woman are either frumpy or boring? Or in some sort of acid trip inducing print? According to one study there are more women in the US ages 18-44 wearing size 16 than 0, 2 and 4 combined. That’s a lot of gals who have to wear clothes, preferably cute ones. Why isn’t anyone capitalizing on that? Even Modcloth, who claims to have expanded sizes carries less than 20% of it’s dress selection in sizes 16/18, and even fewer in larger sizes. And please don’t tell me I can shop at Lane Bryant. One store, with banal variety, does not adequate options make.

Despite the fact that I’ve shrunk 10 pants sizes, I’m still decidedly in the “plus” category. (And yes, I realize that to lose that much weight and still be plus, I was really unhealthy. Working on that, kids.) I recently spent an entire day surfing the web looking for a dress for my brother’s wedding. You’d think online shopping would be easier, since you can narrow your search results. Nope.

First and foremost – animal print and gold lamé . Seriously? Then there’s the ever attractive, shapeless sack dress. Listen, the moo moo style does nothing for anyone, and makes larger women look like they’re wearing Grandma’s house dress. And what’s with all the off the shoulder & strapless dresses? Clearly designed by a flat chested woman, because there is no way I can go out in public without a bra & I’ve yet to come across a strapless one that can satisfactorily contain the girls.

Speaking of bras. If you wear more than a C you have three lovely color choices – white, black or beige. You may also have to take out a home equity loan to afford them. You certainly don’t get off-the-rack choices. And here I thought our culture was pro-cleavage.

I’m sure there are great options out there. I just don’t have the fortitude to persevere; shopping is low on my list of interesting things to do. When I say low, I really mean it doesn’t show at all in the way that Chinese Water Torture also doesn’t show.




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