Challenge – Day Twenty Eight

The word/phrase you use constantly.

I suppose like any New Englander I judiciously sprinkle in the adjective “wicked,” not to describe evil, but to add emphasis.

Man, it’s wicked hot in here. That lady was a wicked jerk. Your new car is wicked cool. Wicked. (Yes, sometimes it stands alone.)

It’s kind of ironic because as a kid in Western NY, my siblings and I used to giggle when our Boston cousins used wicked. Now it’s part of my vocabulary, just like soda, opposed to my pop drinking family.

Honestly, I can’t really say that I have a catch phrase. As a voracious reader I vaunt a voluminous vocabulary. (How’s that for alliteration?)

I’m chagrined to admit but I tend to assume that people who have perennial jargon are simpleminded. Granted, I thought that the word sieve rhymed with believe, not give, for an embarrassingly long time.




Feel free to chime in!

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