Challenge – Day Thirty

One thing you’re excited for.

Last one…

I’m really looking forward to vacation in the fall. I’ve rented a house in the middle of the Adirondack park, far from the maddening crowd. While I’ve invited a few friends to join me, I have no idea who will be able to make it, if anyone. Honestly, just me and puppy is pretty tempting. Ideally I think I’d enjoy having company for half the week and fly solo for the rest.

I’ve never gone on vacation by myself before. While I’ve certainly traveled on my own, the end destination has always been in concert with others. The idea of spending an entire week doing exactly what I want, no compromise, is extremely attractive. Some of you may say, um, Branwen you’re a single woman with a dog, you already live that. However, it’s not the same. I obviously have a job and a boss. As amazing as they are, it puts restrictions on me.

Then there’s the freedom of being a stranger in a strange land. When you are unlikely to bump into anyone you know, you give yourself permission to act outside the box. You’re more likely to take risks, try new things, and feel unfettered by expectations.

My rental is completely isolated on 40 acres of pristine forest. With wifi and a state of the art kitchen and a bathtub big enough to cover my knees and boobs at the same time. Talk about heaven.

So that’s it for the 30-day writing challenge. I’m a little relived it’s over because I was starting to feel like a 6th grader with homework. I write because I enjoy it and I’d be saddened if it ever became a chore. I also was having difficulty staying on topic in some cases. I know, I’m a writing rebel. And some of the topics were pretty feeble.  Stay tuned though, I’ve been saving some stories for you…

Feel free to chime in!

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