Obsessed Dog-Mom

Today Derpy Dog is having his “big boy” operation. He loves everyone and everything, but particularly the vet. Apparently the attention and treats counterbalance the shots and chilly thermometers in unmentionable places. He whines excitedly when we pull in the drive and practically runs inside to greet the receptionist. He was so enthusiastic this morning when I dropped him off the vet tech commented that she’s never seen a puppy so eager for surgery.

I have had hundreds of animals over the years that have required vetting, both livestock and pets. However, I’ve never been more apprehensive about such a routine procedure. Intellectually I know that it’s very minor day surgery. He might not even get stitched, but simply glued back together. I use an animal hospital that I have a lot of faith in, and the medical director herself is handling his operation. She’s extraordinarily capable and has probably done this a zillion times.

And I’m still a train wreck.

I used to laugh at people who were so wrapped up in their pets. Don’t get me wrong, I love critters way more than I like people. I’ve adored all my pets over the years. Yet, there has never been an animal that has so completely taken up residence in my heart like Derpy Dog has. I’m pretty sure that I’d lose my $h#* if something happened to him.

I shall keep telling myself that he’ll be perfectly fine and that I’ll have a great Instagram opportunity this afternoon when he’s sporting his cone of shame…

Fingers crossed. Wood knocked upon. Breath held. 

3 thoughts on “Obsessed Dog-Mom

  1. fingers crossed!
    I know how it feels, gosh, my beloved Nua is female so it’s bit bigger, I was so damn stressed…
    but it all went super smooth
    big hug afor you and your Big Boy,shout when he’s back, ok?

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