Wedding Bells

50% of marriages end in divorce, but 100% of make your own sundae bars end in happiness. -Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

Totally legit, yes? I mean who doesn’t like hot fudge?

Seriously, though. My little brother is getting married this weekend. There was a time when I was pretty bitter about the whole wedding thing. We are the sum of our experiences and wedded bliss turned train wreck for me.

I had a cousin who announced her engagement when I was deep into that awful Buttercup Period. (For anyone who hasn’t seen the Princess Bride – when Buttercup loses Wesley she delivers the line “I will never love again” with absolute despondency. It’s soul wrenching. Watch it here.) I wanted to shake my cousin and shout at her – DON’T DO IT!

I’ve since moved past that and am genuinely happy for those tying the knot. I sincerely want the fairy tale, happily ever after for them. I choose to celebrate their joy and believe that it will last forever.

The alternative is far too depressing.





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