What’s In a Dream

Scientists don’t readily agree on why we dream. There is the psychoanalytic perspective, claiming that we visualize our unconscious thoughts, desires, fears, and motivations. Then there’s the activation-synthesis model. This model suggests that dreams are a subjective interpretation of brain activity during REM sleep. There are ideas that dreams are the brain’s way of interpreting data we gathered during the day … More What’s In a Dream

Jerks of All Kinds

So I’ve been struggling with putting words to something that happened to me yesterday because I don’t want to sound like a dic%h3@d. I’d like to think that if you know me in real life, you are aware that I’m an accepting, progressive person. There isn’t a judgmental, bigoted, sexist, racist, dogmatist bone in my body. … More Jerks of All Kinds


Human beings have a natural inclination to gather into groups. Call them cliques or social circles or the newfangled “squad”, it’s how we organize ourselves. Sometimes there’s an individual in your coterie that you’re just not as tight with. However, you tolerate them for the sake of the whole. They’re in, so you set your personal … More Unfriended

I Opt Out

I made the comment on social media yesterday that I was “unfollowing” people at an alarming rate. A friend called me out, saying that hiding from it doesn’t solve anything. It’s still “there.” I get it. I’m perfectly aware that it still exists, I just don’t have the fortitude to constantly wade through that kind … More I Opt Out

Soul Scars

I often marvel that a single event, fixed in history, can seem both very recent and also quite distant. The Big Break Up happened almost 2 3/4 years ago. That’s 987 days ago, but who’s counting. (I measure from the day he dropped the bomb, not the court order, which took another 10 long months to make … More Soul Scars