Wrong Place, Wrong Time

I was walking the dog a few weeks ago. It was actually a couple of days after his “big boy” surgery and we were supposed to be taking it easy. (Don’t ask me how that worked out for us.)

Anywho. We rounded a corner and found ourselves smack in the middle of a Canine Officer assisted arrest. Surprise! Had I realized what was happening we would have crossed the street so as not to be embroiled right in the action, however the squad cars were parked out of sight so I really had no warning.

Picture this – a beautiful spring afternoon, Derpy Dog and I were strolling nonchalantly down the sidewalk. Minding our own business, not bothering anyone. He stopped to sniff, something he is compelled to do at least once every 50 feet or so. As we were loitering over a particularly odoriferous tuft of grass, a man came barreling out of the house in front of us with Officer Dog in hot pursuit. And they were heading our way.

If there is ever a time for expletives, this was it.

Knowing Derpy is sometimes a bit mercurial, I prepared to crank down on the leash just as the massive Belgian Malinois slammed into the fleeing suspect. If you are unfamiliar with the breed, that’s about 75 pounds of muscle, hair and teeth – quite similar to a German Shepard but reddish in color. What I learned that afternoon is that even grown men scream when there’s a snarling police dog on your back.

So there we were, mere feet away from the excitement and I was pretty sure Derpy was going to lose his mind, possibly getting me arrested or bitten in the process. Yet the leash was unexpectedly slack. I looked down and there my puppy was, belly up, radiating submissive awe at Officer Dog.

This is when the bipedal policemen arrived on the scene. One look at the incongruous scenario and they both burst out in laughter. Side splitting, uncontrollable, tears running down the face hysterics. My city’s finest.

Once the officers regained their composure and their suspect, they explained that both puppy and I had matching deer-in-the-headlights expressions that were beyond comical. He actually refused to get up until Officer Dog returned to the car.

All in, it was a lot of excitement for a post-op puppy and we went home to nap. Both of us.

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