I Opt Out

I made the comment on social media yesterday that I was “unfollowing” people at an alarming rate. A friend called me out, saying that hiding from it doesn’t solve anything. It’s still “there.”

I get it. I’m perfectly aware that it still exists, I just don’t have the fortitude to constantly wade through that kind of overarching negativity.

There’s a lot of darkness in this world. Human beings can be loathsome, vicious creatures. It’s ugly. However, does it bother anyone else that society clings to tragedy? Mob mentality is quick to demonize, shouting blame with angry indignation. We rubberneck car accidents and pour over every horrendous detail when catastrophe strikes. In the face of calamity, why do we immediately castigate, instead of focusing our energies solely on those who need our support and love?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the villainy is excusable, or that justice shouldn’t be served. However, the infamy disgusts me. Sometimes I think that society encourages the malfeasance by immortalizing the depraved.

Does it make me selfish to choose to limit the amount of toxicity and hatred that I’m exposed to? If wallowing in the fetid details of every atrocity is part of the social contract, I opt out.

We each have a choice. I acknowledge there’s evil in this world. I choose to oppose it. Not by railing violently against it, fighting fire with fire, but by being kinder, gentler, focused on beauty and hope. How about you?

One thought on “I Opt Out

  1. me?
    I did that quite a while ago
    stopped reading articles, posts and most of all comments, stopped participating in this media madness
    I was a victim of it once and it nearly killed me
    saying that I won’t be kinder and gentler to bullies, nasties, fake friends etc. in real life
    actually, quite recently I wrote a wee note about that :p
    on internet it’s “do not engage” rule, in real life it’s: stand up for yourself and weak ones (kids, animals, people in need)

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