Obnoxiously Enlightened

**Edit/Caveat: This is about healthy emotional range and how society expects us to express ourselves. This is NOT about depression; that’s something else completely. If you or someone you care about suffers from depression, please reach out & get help.  Confession: Some days I’m ugly. I want to wallow in doubt and self-depreciation. I want to call … More Obnoxiously Enlightened

To Do a Thing

48 hours. 1000 words. Done. (Ok, I lie. I actually wrote 997 words and finished with 12 hours to spare.) Over the weekend I participated in the first round of the NYCmidnight Flash Fiction writing competition. It was an interesting experience. The challenge consists of 60 groups, each made up of 35 writers from all over the … More To Do a Thing

Cowardly Lion

I have an uncomfortable, if unconventional complaint. For most of my life, things have come relatively easy for me. With the exception of romantic relationships (where I’m an embarrassing washout) I have a tendency to succeed. Sorry, I don’t know how to say that without sounding pompous. However, objectively I have had the luxury of doing reasonably well … More Cowardly Lion


According to FB Memories, 2 years ago today I got my legal notice that I was a Sovereign Nation of One. One year ago today I started my new job. I kind of feel like I need to do something epic today to keep up the trend… This was my Facebook status earlier today. Again … More THIS

Weird Guy Redoux

  I have my Facebook account locked down so that people not on my “friends’ list” have limited access to my info. I also have a list of blocked users (I wonder why that is?) who are restricted from contacting/viewing me at all. For those of you who aren’t social media savvy, individuals who aren’t on the friends’ … More Weird Guy Redoux


It was a rainy, uncharacteristically cool weekend which curtailed the outdoor exploits I had planned with Derpy Dog. Restless, I decided to rearrange the furniture. In the whole house. It started innocently, reorienting the bed, and ended up with an entirely new floor plan. The space is small and I’m not entirely sure the new arrangement is … More Change