It was a rainy, uncharacteristically cool weekend which curtailed the outdoor exploits I had planned with Derpy Dog. Restless, I decided to rearrange the furniture. In the whole house. It started innocently, reorienting the bed, and ended up with an entirely new floor plan.

The space is small and I’m not entirely sure the new arrangement is an improvement. I had painstakingly designed the previous layout to work most efficiently in the small footprint, and yet I felt compelled to move everything around.

This my friends, is a sign.

Since getting divorced I’ve been in a constant state of flux. The transitioning has been exciting, auspicious, and nearly absolute. That being said, the past 6-8 months have been pretty stable and I’m starting to crave the next adventure.

Never fear, dear readers, I’m not quitting my job or moving to the North Pole or taking scandalous risks in order to satisfy an adrenaline addiction. However, I do fear that change, self improvement, new experiences are habit forming.

Oh the places we will go…




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