According to FB Memories, 2 years ago today I got my legal notice that I was a Sovereign Nation of One. One year ago today I started my new job. I kind of feel like I need to do something epic today to keep up the trend…

This was my Facebook status earlier today. Again for those of you who are anti-social media, Facebook Memories shows you all the things that you posted on today’s date over the years…

I found it a little coincidental that two very momentous things happened in my life over the past two years on July 15th. I felt pressured this morning to experience something significant in order to keep up the trend.

People suggested piercings and haircuts and new pets and champagne.

And then a friend of mine suggested this:

Smile and be happy. Every day. Forever.

That my friends is the simplest, yet most profound directive.

Every. Day. Forever.

Feel free to chime in!

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