Dr. Love

I happen to be a “critter person.” I like animals, of all kinds, far more than I like you. #sorrynotsorry  In case you don’t follow along, I have a dog I call Derpy. He is the silliest, most lovable doofus of them all. I have a feeling that part of my burning desire to get … More Dr. Love


Backstage smells – not particularly unpleasant but specific and familiar. An aromatic symphony of old wood, dusty fabric, hot lights, hairspray, and bodies in motion. The dressing room air conditioner has stopped working and there are too many sticky people jostling for real estate in front of the mirror. Organized chaos reigns supreme; every available space … More Backstage

A Failing Filter

Do you ever have the kind of day where you are pretty sure the world has gone crazy? A morning where they make your breakfast wrong and replace it with the same exact thing. It’s a bagel, not rocket science. It’s the kind of day where you send an e-mail asking two questions and they … More A Failing Filter

I Take it Black

Yesterday we had a visitor to our office. He’s an older gentleman and a bit of a legend in the industry. I’ve spoken to him a couple times on the phone and he’s always seemed both polite and affable. However when he arrived I realized that he’s still living in the dark ages. He immediately called … More I Take it Black