Tapping on my Keyboard

Quick update since the words really need to go to other venues….

Currently at 6,471 words in my NaNoWrimo story. The characters are doing whatever they damn well please. All of a sudden the protagonist’s ally has secretly become a villain. The conceptualized villain has gotten far too complex to officially be a “bad guy.”

I’m pretty sure that I’m not in control of the story anymore.

In other news:

My round 2 Flash Fiction didn’t score quite as well as round 1 – I received 15 and 12 points respectively. I wasn’t surprised as I knew going in it wasn’t as strong of a piece. Still, my cumulative total put me at the top of my group. It was enough to escape elimination, and only 29 people out of 2100 contestants had a higher score than me. So I feel pretty good about myself.

Of course that means round 3 happens this weekend. It also happens to be Tech Sunday for the production of The Who’s “Tommy” that I’m performing in. That will suck up the entire day, leaving me with only Saturday to do flash. At first that freaked me out, but looking back I had the first two stories submitted before lunchtime and still managed to place respectably. I can only do my best. Fingers crossed that I don’t end up with RomCom… that’ll put me over the edge.



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