This poor little blog is woefully neglected. I’ve been writing quite a bit, but most of it has been devoted to other projects… not a lot of time to pump out extra words here.

In addition to all those other enterprises, NYCMidnight’s Short Story Challenge is looming on the horizon. (Praying to all the gods I can think of for good measure – NO RomCom!) Unlike Flash Fiction, I likely will not be sharing publicly in case I feel like polishing for publication. Many places only consider unpublished submissions – apparently this forum counts as “publication” – despite there only being three of you, dear readers.

In other news Weird Guy (see Unfriended, Weird Guy Redoux) is back, trying to reconnect via social media. I find it mind-boggling that he’s not reading the very clear social cues. Or more unsettling, ignoring them. Luckily in this case, Weird Guy can be blocked. He doesn’t live locally and doesn’t have my particulars (address, phone, etc.) It’s a simple fix, albeit awkward because of the shared social circle.

It does lead to a broader discussion about why women are afraid of men.

Gentlemen, listen up. In the realm of courtship, persistence is not a virtue. When we express disinterest and you pursue us anyways it’s not just the lack of respect that concerns us. We cannot afford to see the fine line between dogged pursuit and stalking. It is too easily crossed. It’s a gateway of ignored “no’s” and it terrifies us.


I’ve lost 10 pounds since January. I’ve renewed my commitment to a healthier lifestyle after a 8-10 month slump. A girlfriend doing the same made a comment that reminded me of an uncomfortable truth…

As I shrink I find myself a growing target for unwanted attention. In my experience, heavier women are often insulated from the type of jerk who feels it’s his right to make catcalls and inappropriate advances/comments. The more I conform to the societal ideal of beauty (aka thinner) the less safe I feel.

What a lovely society that we live in that being healthy and feeling safe are mutually exclusive.



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