The Road Traveled

I know “they” say you aren’t supposed to dwell on the past. However, I think it’s important to occasionally review the road traveled. The point is not to bemoan what can’t be changed but to gain objectivity and apply it to your present. Where have I come from, how far have I climbed, who did I … More The Road Traveled

Not Really Harmless

A number of years ago I remember being cornered in the bathroom at a venue by The Strumpet. (If you’re new here and need a little backstory – yes, The Strumpet was actually my friend. Or at least masqueraded as one for several years.) As I was saying, The Strumpet cornered me in the ladies’ … More Not Really Harmless

Blue is for Losers

I was taught, growing up, that one did not discuss religion, sex, or politics in polite company. Definition of “polite company” aside, I still ascribe to this. Unfortunately, the world does not. Everyone has an opinion these days and is quick to share it. Vehemently. Righteously. Worse, it seems that subscribing to a differing viewpoint is, … More Blue is for Losers